Advisory Services for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Business Advisory – Business Performance and Financial Consulting for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Faced with significant changes in their operating environments, businesses and governments alike need to optimize performance. Two Hills offers a team approach to evaluating challenging and complex organizational problems and identifying practical solutions. To assist decision makers in your organization, we can analyze key financial information, as well as design and implement performance measurement systems.

Our services include:

  • Financial Reporting and Business Dashboards: Our firm is skilled in reporting and can develop tracking tools to monitor financial status and to ensure that operations are within budget. For any difficult or troubling situations you may encounter, we offer experienced forensic accountants.
  • Operational Reviews: We learn your processes and understand your product. We are then able to assist you with increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Operational reviews also help to better position your product.
  • Financial Reviews: We bring an auditor’s eye to the financial statements, and work through them line by line to find ways to increase revenues or reduce costs.
  • Benchmarking Services: We will provide statistics that show how your business compares with others in a variety of areas. We will create key ratios that you can later use to monitor your progress.