Internal Controls & Fraud Review for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Internal Controls & Fraud Investigation Services for Small & Medium Size Businesses

We recognize the challenges inherent in operating a business in a highly complex and dynamic environment. We can serve as your outsourced internal audit team, perform a one-time evaluation of your internal controls, or complete a fraud investigation. Our services include assessing organizational risks; evaluating compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations; and ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We incorporate best practices, including the tenets prescribed in Managing the Business Risk of Fraud: A practical Guide sponsored by the Institute of Internal Auditors, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Our overall approach to every engagement is straightforward:

  • We work closely with you and your staff. While we are proud of the knowledge base we offer, years of experience have taught us that one of the keys to a successful engagement is the input of our clients. We are skilled at interviewing stakeholders in a manner that allows us to obtain pertinent information in regards to internal controls and potential fraudulent activity.
  • We take full advantage of comprehensive automated analytical procedures to guide our work. Analytics are especially useful in environments where anomalies may point to issues that highlight fraud risks and warrant further review. With substantial expertise in information technology, we are highly skilled in extracting information from QuickBooks and other information systems.
  • We provide recommendations that are actionable and work within the existing business systems. Throughout the engagement, we will work closely with you to ensure any internal control processes that we recommend will work within the current business environment.