Individual Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

We provide basic tax preparation for individuals. Our preparation process includes an analysis of your personal finances to ensure that we include all applicable deductions. Our clients typically have at least a moderate level of complexity to their tax situations, such as rental properties, capital gains, or business income. We strive to ensure that:

  1. We maximize deductions and minimize your tax liability.
  2. We minimize the time you spend providing information or answering questions on your return.
  3. We prepare an accurate return that will withstand IRS scrutiny.

Additional Financial Services for Individuals

We have found that our clients encounter a variety of financial and tax related issues throughout their lifetimes. For example, clients have sought our advice for personal budgeting, assistance with loan calculations, and other personal financial questions. If you have a situation that involves financial calculations, please contact us to determine if we can be of assistance.